Hybrid Broadhead Technology: Solving The Issues Of Mechanical Broadheads

Hybrid Broadhead Technology: Solving The Issues Of Mechanical Broadheads


The age old debate of fixed vs mechanical broadheads will never truly be resolved. Each have their place and each have their advocates, but would the tables be turned if the penetration and reliability issues of mechanical broadheads was solved? The main argument against mechanicals is deployment failures and penetration issues due to the loss of KE. Those problems have been fixed with Afflictor hybrid broadheads. Yes, I said it.... Get all the pros of a mechanical broadhead with penetration and reliability of a fixed blade broadhead. 



Our DriveKey was developed basically out of disappointment. Failures in the field with mechanical broadheads led to a deep desire to develop new technology that took the most important advantages of both a mechanical and a fixed blade broadhead, to create a unique Hybrid broadhead. Afflictor was born, and the solution was DriveKey Technology. With this technology, we were able to provide the hunter with a Hybrid Broadhead that was truly the best of both worlds. This technology has been one of the greatest advancements in broadhead development.


Because our DriveKey sits ahead of our blades in the closed position, it can immediately activate our rear deploying blades. As the DriveKey is activated, the blades are able to effortlessly slip out from our O-ring blade retention system without the added loss of energy required to cut or break the O-ring in any way. This one function alone allows the Afflictor Hybrid Broadhead to retain more energy and transfer it totally to penetration. It takes a lot of energy to cut a band, collar, or O-ring that is over your blades. Because of our DriveKey, coupled with our O-ring system, you do not experience this energy loss with Afflictor Broadheads. This allows your momentum to continue uninterrupted, which directly increases your penetration. 


Another asset to DriveKey Technology is that our blades are fully deployed at impact.  To be precise, our blades are fully open and locked BEFORE they enter the skin. This of course leads to the full diameter of the cut to be available at the wound entrance. At this point, the DriveKey also acts as a bleeder blade, creating an advanced wound channel and increasing hemorrhaging for maximum blood loss and fast expiration of your target animal. With this advantage, there is never a time that the entire cutting surface is not exposed, from entrance to exit. This fixed blade style dependability of being opened and locked ensures the broadhead will do its job perfectly every time!

One of the other amazing benefits to our Drivekey Technology, is that it turns our Hybrid Broadhead into a fixed blade broadhead! The moment the DriveKey comes back, it fully deploys and locks our blades! That is why we consider this portion of our line to be true Hybrid Broadheads. This locking feature ensures that the entire cutting surface of the broadhead is active and available the entire way through the animal, and also remains open and continues to cut if you do not get a passthrough. This feature also has a huge effect on penetration as it is already locked open at entrance. There is no energy loss experienced at this point from blades trying to open as the broadhead is entering. This is already done! Now you broadhead can use all of the available momentum in your arrow for cutting straight through the animal.

 DriveKey Technology certainly gives our Hybrids some unique advantages. No matter what archery platform you are shooting, Afflictor Hybrid shooters are seeing advanced penetration, larger entry wounds, and consistent dependability across the board. Even low poundage shooters and traditional hunters are finding new success and more options with our Hybrid line.  No matter what game you are pursuing, consider giving Afflictor Broadheads Hybrid Technology a try for yourself.

Author: Chris Creed, Afflictor Broadheads