The "KEY" is the key!

Afflictor Broadhead’s Drive Key Technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in broadhead design. The “Drive Key” which is the first of its kind is the “key” behind the all-new Hybrid design. The “Drive Key” inserts into the body like a real key and is actually the mechanism that drives the blades open. Upon impact, Afflictors “Drive Key” deployment allows the Hybrid to mimic a fixed blade Cut On Contact design, with Bleeder Blades. Because the “Drive Key” is the only thing moving the blades, all other parts remain secure and reliable.

Another Key point is what might be the smallest inflight diameter of any broadhead. When the “Drive Key” is in the closed position the blades fold up inside the body tucked behind the tip, out of the way with a .599 total diameter, that’s just over half an inch.

Is it magic? No, it’s Drive Key Technology and only available from Afflictor Broadheads. Check out Afflictor Hybrid designs for yourself and see what all the buzz is about.

Experience the Afflictor Effect for yourself! Click here to learn more and to try one of our new revolutionary Hybrid Broadheads with Drive Key Technology!

Fixed - Mechanical - Hybrid!