Kip Campbell - Red Arrow TV

I have tested lots of different broadheads over the years looking for one that has it all.  It had to be field point accurate, do devastating damage and get superior penetration even on the toughest big game.  For most fixed blades and expandables you can only get 2 out of three.  Two out of three sounds ok until you are shooting at a giant hog or a huge bull elk.  Some broadheads I have used penetrated fairly well but I had accuracy issues, and with other field point accurate large cut expandables, I was worried about getting adequate penetration on tough game animals. Once I saw the Afflictor beat all of the top broadheads in a penetration test while still carrying a 1 3/4 inch cut, I had to try it for myself.  Afflictor is the most exciting new archery product I have seen in the last ten years!!  My confidence for turning arrows red, by blowing through anything North America has to throw at me, has never been higher!!"     - Kip Campbell

Aaron Adkins

Hey Afflictor,

I just wanted to take a moment to share my testimonials of how the Afflictor Broadhead has performed for me.

Last season, my first year hunting with Afflictor Broadheads I was fortunate to harvest a big bodied public land buck here in Kentucky. The shot was straight down from my treestand and the buck only went 65 yards. The buck weighed in at around 200 lbs field dressed

More recently, two weeks ago I harvested my first turkey with a bow. The shot was 25 yards and bird went no where, died literally five feet from where I‎t was shot. I‎t cut a massive entry and exit wound. I honestly had never seen a turkey produce a blood trail like that

I’ve never had a broadhead that flys as well as Afflictor. They fly as true as my field points and the impact point is exactly the same. 

Thank you Afflictor for making such quality products that provide me with the confidence I need to no hesitate to make the shots I need to make when I‎t counts. You have a life long customer. 

Thank you for producing a quality, deadly product. One that I never have to worry about if the blade will deploy or not. It’s the best of both worlds. 


 Aaron Adkins

Central Kentucky

Marshall White

Rut' N Strut' N Outdoors Prostaff 

Been bowhunting for many years now and I have been pretty loyal to one specific broad head name that I won't mention. I figured I would give afflictors a chance because of the very unique design and I was really intrigued by the idea of a hybrid broad head. I wanted to do what I would say is one of the ultimate test and that is too shoot a above average boar hog before using one on a whitetail. After punching a hole on a 250lb boar at 40 yards, I was VERY impressed. There was blood all over the scene on impact as well as having a blood trail I could dang near jog down. The tip penetrated the boars thick armor with ease and expired the animal within 80 yards. It's safe to say I will be harvesting my next deer with this broad head as well as all our members here at Rut'n and Strut'n Outdoors!

Afflictor, thank you for such a great reliable product!

- Marshall

Joe Wimpee

Your Hybrid-EXT put a massive hole in this Texas buck. He only went 30 yards!

I made sure all the guys in camp saw the damage, they were very impressed, most of them are rage guys. Looks like I may have converted a few of them to #teamafflictor.


Daniel Stewart

I afflicted a 125lb doe and two big hogs this weekend with your K2-125. Doe went 30 yards and done, both hogs were DOA less than 40 yards, you could see the blood trail from the tree. Unreal, your product is awesome!


Kenny Espinosa

After being a long time advocate of fixed blade broadheads for elk hunters because I have seen to many mechanical broadheads fail in these big animals, I took a leap of faith. I have been a Elk guide in New Mexico for over 20 years and this year I had the opportunity to hunt for myself. As a long range shooter I needed a broadhead that was accurate with good penetration. I was concerned because my fixed blade broadhead of choice was not consistent enough at long ranges for me to be comfortable.  A good friend and elk hunter sent me a few packs of his K2-125's  and told me they were the broadhead I was looking for. I must say he was right.  I received the broadheads just 4 days before opening day of the season. I was pleasantly surprised how they flew exactly as my filed points at ranges of 70 yards out to 100 yards. We had this giant bull located and i was sure i could get in on him. Opening day we found him,  standing 74 yards away I had to take my shot as some cows picked up our wind. I only had a small window to shoot through as the bull was standing behind a tree. I took the shot and the arrow blew right through him. I was not sure of the shot placement but i knew he was hit good. He ran about twenty yards and stopped, my daughter ranged him at 94 yards, only his neck was showing so i drilled him through the neck, another complete pass through. The bull went about thirty yards and fell over. We walked up on him and you could see the path he had taken plain as day, the amount of blood was crazy. Upon closer examination both entrances and both exits were the full 1-3/4" wide. In 25 years of guiding I have never seen a Broadhead perform like this.

I must say I could not have taken my bull without the K2-125 I used on this hunt. I highly recommend that every bow hunter should use Afflictor Broadheads.


Jessica Taylor Byers

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Afflictor K2 Hybrid; it continues to surpass my expectations! I still can’t believe that a broadhead managed to take down a 9 foot Florida gator!! Anyone that’s been gator hunting knows how tough the hide of these beasts are, especially along the skull and back. I'd recommend this broadhead to anyone - if it can take down a dinosaur, it can take down anything. I am so stoked to be using this same setup on my New Mexico elk hunt in a little over a week! I’m feeling extremely confident after seeing it penetrate this tough hide!! Thank you Afflictor for an awesome product!!”


Chad McDonald

Old Buck going backwards got Afflicted last night. Hard quartering away shot at 30 yards. EXT-100 performed perfect! Massive wound channel, no deflection issue from the angle with a perfect exit behind the opposite shoulder. He was dead in 10 seconds. He ran 50 yards stopped looked back, I could see the blood blowing out as he tipped over.

Thanks Afflictor Broadheads!

Chad / Montana

Mark Scheurer

I just wanted you to know how incredible Afflitor broadheads performed. I harvested a buck of a lifetime in Rockwall TX with your Hybrid-EXT last November 2015.  The 18 yard quartering away shot entered the deer's right side went through both lungs at an angle and buried into the opposite shoulder, dropping the 220 lb deer in his tracks. I removed the broadhead which was still scary sharp with absolutely zero damage.  Truly impressive!

Thanks for an incredible product.

Mark Scheurer
Native Outdoors
Rockwall TX

Kinsey Edmunds

First time using Afflictor Broadheads and I couldn't be happier with the results!! These babies did some major damage dropping my deer 70 yards from impact, not to mention how true they fly. Just like my field points. Rear deploying two blades, 1-1/2" cut with bleeder blades, these Hybrid-EXT are advanced and extremely effective!!

Kinsey Edmunds,

Huntress View team member

Frank Martinez

I was really impressed with the broadheads. I gave one to my buddy and he ended up taking his first deer with a clean 30 yard double lung pass thru. Unfortunately all the afflictors I let loose ended up in the rocks. I'm gonna have to order some more for a mule deer hunt next weekend.



Wes Hamilton

When you hunt smaller properties like I do, getting a deer to expire quickly is very important. I'm bless to be part of the Broadheadbarn Prostaff team and have access to the best broadheads on the market. I've never had a broadhead preform better than my new favorite Afflictor broadhead! The cut on contact hybrid expandable opened this buck up and left a blood trail that I could literally follow from the stand.  Amazing broadhead, and amazing memories from this hunt


Vito Benedetto, NJ

I wanted you to know I enjoyed a great deal of success using your Afflictor broadhead. I shot my best two bucks of my life time.  In October I shot a 133 inch 8 point buck in NJ; my biggest buck ever in NJ. I was also able to shoot a second nice 8 pointer in NJ as well. In November I took a 10 point buck in Kansas that scored 168 inches.

I believe having the best equipment plays an important roll in hunting success. Your broad head matched up with my custom made carbon arrows are a deadly accurate combination!  I have taken 6 deer using your head and can't say enough about how unbelievable they are. I showed them to several of my hunting buddies who immediately ordered them. I even showed them to Rob Cerone of Targeteers and archery retailer in Saddle Brook, NJ - he was extremely impressed and wants to stock them in his store.


A Proud Father

Dalton loves to hunt as much as I do. We had been in pursuit for seven days and passed several bucks along the way. Dalton missed a really good buck on the third day so he was ready for another opportunity. We located this huge buck and he was hot on a doe with another big buck on the trail. With all the commotion we made our move crawling most of the way. We got as close as we could without getting into the open and the huge buck popped out behind the doe. I ranged the buck at 72 yards.  We had been practicing with the Afflcitor Broadheads out to 80 yards so I felt good about Dalton's shot. He drew his bow and after a short pep talk from dad he settled down and I watched his bow become very steady. Dalton released the arrow and we watched the lighted knock as the arrow flew perfectly and diapered behind the huge bucks shoulder and blew out the opposite side. You could see blood immediately. The blood trail was crazy and the deer only ran forty yards. What a hunt, proud father and supper excited fifteen year old son. 

Thank you Afflctor Broadheads! for making the most accurate and devastating head we have ever shot.

Shawn Davis,

Pueblo Colorado

Vito Benedetto, KS

Thought you would like to see the biggest whitetail buck I have ever taken using your K2-100 Broadhead. Your head worked flawlessly!

It's got everything you look for in a broadhead: field tip accuracy, strength, sharpness and it produces a large wound channel.  I predict that your head is going to blow the broadhead industry away when it is introduced in 2016. 

Thanks again!