About Afflictor Broadheads

Afflictor Broadheads were designed by avid hunter and television personality, Keith Powell. Our patented and cutting edge hybrid design gives you the accuracy, range and potency of a mechanical tip with the dependability of a fixed tip. The design was inspired by Keith’s true-life events as described in the autobiographical account below.

The Inspiration

In the life of a Hunter, there are moments of opportunity that can be defining moments or haunt you for a lifetime. I was born and bread in Texas and raised to hunt from the age of 10. Hunting has been my life’s passion and I’ve tried to share that same passion with as many others as I can. As founder and host of Sportsmen of North America television show, we touched many hunters lives across the country, hosted hundreds of hunts along the way. As many of you can relate, hunting and the outdoors have become a love of mine and I’ve spent countless hours practicing and preparing for a moment like I am about to share with you.

About 20 years ago I was hunting two of the largest bucks I have ever encountered while hunting with my family in Southwest Texas. My father and I where there together on this trip. Perched in a tri-pod stand, the larger of the 2 bucks came into shooting range. I was hunting with a McPherson bow and a fixed blade broadhead. I was confident with my setup as I had lots of practice with this equipment. When the big buck walked into my shooting window, I anchored my string and waited for my perfect shot. As I released the string I watched my arrow strike the buck I had that feeling of excitement only another hunter can understand, but this quickly turned to a sinking feeling when I realized that the shot had missed it mark and ultimately failing to recover him.

Frustrated with the inefficient flight and small wound channel of the fixed blade broadhead, I searched in earnest for a more potent broadhead that would be sure to do more damage on the next buck I encountered. I purchased numerous broadheads from most of the major vendors to test their flight accuracy. I finally selected a mechanical broadhead that I was sure wouldn’t fail me the next time.

About 3 weeks later, I was back in southwest Texas, perched in the same tri-pod stand hoping the big buck made it and to get another shot at him as I was confident that given another opportunity that my new setup would be the answer. As I waited, I looked up to see the other large buck that I had seen before walking into shooting range. I anchored and released the string on my bow, I heard a strange sound and watched the buck jump and run about 50 yards before slowing, realizing that it had not been hit. I came down from my perch to retrieve my arrow and found it open and lying flat on the ground, scratching my head I chalked it up to having hit a tree during flight. Later the same afternoon, I was back in the same stand hoping to have another opportunity. The same buck approached and again I got ready, anchored my string and released. This time I watched the arrow with an unobstructed view and just as it neared the buck I heard the same sound and watched the arrow veer upward and then falling straight down spiraling like a helicopter to the ground landing beside the big buck startling him and sending him running out of sight. Now I knew what was going on, to late for this big buck but at least I knew, Both shots the blades opened prematurely causing the arrow to flare up and miss its target.

I didn’t get another shot at the buck that day and the frustration of my 2 failed experiences left me searching for a superior broadhead in the market place. After two decades of hunting and shooting many broadheads, a better design finally popped into my head. The fixed broadhead design often fails to inflict sufficient damage on the target and is not as accurate, mechanical broadhead’s mechanics can be unreliable. The idea of new design that would provide all the positives of both types of broadheads, but none of the negatives and hence the concept of the world’s first Hybrid Broadhead was born. In 2011 I started designing my new concept and spent the next 2 years refining the design and sourcing manufacturing for my new concept. In 2013 my initial prototypes were ready for testing. Members of Team Afflictor have spent extensive field time with the product and are confident that our hybrid design is ready for primetime.

With my passion for sharing the amazing experience that hunting has given me, I took my new superior design and founded Afflictor Broadheads, giving hunters a brand new opportunity to experience the accuracy, range and potency of a mechanical tip with the dependability of a fixed tip. The first Hybrid broadhead.

To read more about our new patent pending design and what makes it special and different, click here.

From the Desk of
Keith Powell
Founder and CEO
Afflictor Broadheads