Our Design and Guarantee

We are introducing our Hybrid design with Drive Key Technology, which provides the first ever-mechanical head with fixed blades features like, Bleeder Blades, Locking Blades and Cut-On-Contact design. The unique design combines the best of both product segments ensuring you have the best of both types of broadheads, Fixed and Mechanical. Designed for the most powerful bows and cross bows on the planet. Afflictor’s Hybrid Broadheads will ensure it will do its part if you do yours. In fact, we guarantee its results. If you have the same heart breaking disappointment with any of our products that I had (read founder Keith Powell’s inspiration for the hybrid design here), I will gladly refund your full purchase price (see terms of guarantee).

How it Works

Afflictor Broadheads have large strong blades and a solid stationary tip just like a fixed blade. Because the deployment is done through the Drive Key it eliminates the potential malfunctions you get with other mechanical heads with lose blades. The Drive Key is positioned at the front of the tip and once the head makes contact with the target it moves to the rear. The Drive Key deployment of the blades happens so fast the blades are fully deployed before they enter the object. The Drive Key is sharpened so that when it comes to its resting position it becomes a Bleeder Blade, which is the first of its kind. The blades scissor out from the rear while the front of the blades stay stationary. Once the blades are fully deployed they Lock In Position making it secure like a fixed head. The blades Will Not Move or Prematurely Deploy as they are attached to the tip and Locked By The Drive Key. Afflictor Broadheads have a huge Cut On Contact Tip that leads the way busting through everything in its path. Once the tip touches it starts cutting and Never Leaves the Cutting Surface until it reaches the end of the blades. The in-flight blade diameter is just .0599", Under 5/8" making it One Of the Smallest in-flight heads on the market. The blades rest behind the Tip allowing the tip to cut the wind without the blades causing any planning. Once deployed Afflictor Broadhead’s cutting surface expands up to 1.75", a Massive 1 3/4" giving it One Of the Largest cutting diameters on the market.

How do you stand Alone in a market so Competitive? FIXED & MECHANICAL = HYBRID!

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