K2-Hybrid HD

K2-Hybrid HD

  • Brand: Afflictor
  • Product Code: K2-125
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • 3 - 125 Grain Broadheads Per Package
  • Devastating 1-3/4" Cut
  • Features patented "Drive Key" technology
  • Sharpened Stainless Steel .032" blades
  • Low Profile Design. Under 5/8" In-Flight diameter
  • Cut-On-Contact Design
  • Designed for All Game
  • Shoots from Bows & Crossbows
  • 100 yard accurate!
  • 420 Stainless Steel & 7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum


Due to the overwhelming response Afflictor Broadheads has underestimated the amount of product needed for 2017. We apologize to every current or potential customer for running short. While this response to our product is great, we are disappointed that we are not able to fulfill every customers need. Rest assured this will be a one time only issue and availability on all of our products will be plentiful in 2018 forward.

  • Small in Flight Diameter: Superior flight / Better accuracy / Longer shots
  • Blades Locked To Tip: No loose blades / No premature deployment
  • Sweep Back Cutting Angle: Superior penetration / Less resistance on blades
  • Continual Cutting Surface: Same as fixed Broadhead / Never leaves the cutting edge
  • Bleeder Blades: Keeps the wound from closing / Bust through tough bone
  • Aerodynamic: Blades rest behind tip, out of the way
  • Innovative Engineering: Totally new and advanced technology
  • Hybrid Design: True hybrid, both fixed + mechanical


125 Grains 1-3/4" 0.585"
Coming Soon

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