About Us


Since our launch in 2015, Afflictor has strived to be different. We have worked hard to bring consumers a truly one of a kind product. Since our inception we have continued to challenge ourselves never settling for good enough. We have made changes, advancements and all kinds of improvements to our unique line of broadheads. 2018 was a very busy and rewarding year, we introduced our Fixed-Blade line, which has seen amazing success, we started making more of the critical parts in the US and built a full-service assembly and fulfillment facility in Texas. 


With the most complicated broadhead design in the industry, along with USA manufacturing and labor comes increased cost which forced us to decide who we wanted to be. We want to be in control of the product that goes out the door, we want the opportunity to weigh, spin and examine without the worries of the labor clock ticking away at our margins. We want to personally handle the product, inspect with a critical eye and deliver to our customers the best product we can. Our decision to cut out the middle man and sell straight to our customers would free up that additional capital to deliver on who we want to be and focus on our customers. This change will help us continue to be a strong, vibrant company providing the highest quality broadheads and best customer service in the industry!


Our Design and Guarantee