Mackenzie Galloway

"First year using Afflictors and I'm never shooting another broadhead! I Heard great things being said about them and that all got proven with my buck kill. They definitely got put to the test when I made a 30 yard shot on a broadside buck, but even more so when that buck happened to step back when I released. The Afflictor outdid itself by not only busting through the joint area where the two leg bones connect in the "elbow" area, but also sliced through the rib cage enough to penetrate the heart and make for a quick and easy recovery with the awesome blood trail, and of course, amazing cut!"

Joe Averill

"Before switching to these broad heads I was having issues with other brands grouping well with my field points. Upon the recommendation of my local pro shop, I bought two packs of Afflictor's. I was happily amazed when they grouped perfectly out to 60+ yards and I was able to hunt this year with complete confidence. After using these broad heads I was able to harvest my first over the counter mule deer and my best whitetail to date. Following my best bowhunting season this year, I do not see myself using any other broadhead!"

Dakota Hall

"To kill a big deer it takes a combination of multiple things the right equipment is one of the biggest factors I know I can trust my Afflictor broadheads to be able to get the job done on that buck of a lifetime even on the shoulder hit my afflictor was able to get enough penetration to put my biggest buck today on the ground with an inch and a half hole at the entry point made the trail to my pot of gold!!! I wouldn't want any other broadhead at the end of my arrow!!"

Kevin Kapanka

After several years of searching for a broadhead that would fit my I finally stumbled across Afflictor Broadheads one night and was intrigued. The massive COC tip and drive key technology peeked my interest so I took the leap and ordered a set. Let me tell you what I was not disappointed! The accuracy and durability out of the package was something i wasn't expecting. These broadheads are tough as nail, pin driving accurate and dependable as anything on the market. I shot several deer with the exact same broadhead and only retired it this year to update my setup to the new K-2 Fixed broadheads! The best investment I have ever made was switching to Afflictor Broadheads!  

Todd Bondy

  I have been using Afflictor Broadheads exclusively for the last three years with great success. Last year I shot a nice eight pointer right where you want to, behind his shoulder, with the arrow exiting through his armpit area busting his far front leg. The deer ran out of sight into a thicket. I knew I made a good shot, but still waited 1/2 hour before exiting my stand. He didn't even make it 50 yards! Solid broadheads and the only ones you'll find in my quiver.

Jon May

I've been shooting these broadheads the last two years and they fly like a field tip at any distance and have amazing penetration. I've yet to have a problem with these broadheads in any way and yet to have a deer make it past 60 yards. You've gained a forever customer!